About Us

After serving our local community for years we are now expanding our business with love and supports from our customers. Our customers are our pride and they are the main fuel of our journey.


We are Australia’s growing Solar installer, headquartered in Western Sydney, and operational office in South Western Sydney. We are currently serving in NSW and are preparing to step into other states and even beyond Australia’s border! We have accredited Solar Panel Architectural Designers and Installers by Clean Energy Council and Smart Energy Council Australia who are people down on earth to make each of our customers special. Our founder has almost 20 years of experiences with energy power supplies.

Our Uniqueness

We are not the typical Solar company in the market! We are always transparent with our customers and offer the best suitable plan for our clients. We are aware of all the pros and cons of Solar Panels and thus we provide best honest services to them! Our customers are our assets, therefore we think about them first before thinking about ourselves!


We are in a mission to minimize any confusions about the solar benefits, providing the best transparent services to the community.  


Our vision is to make all Australians happy with the Solar System, providing zero tolerance to any issue. We are also aiming to build a great solar community where we will be sharing our revenues with our customers through different beneficial offers and promotions!


Our goal is to reduce the energy cost to its minimal for all the hard working Australians! Join us for the best services in Solar!


We choose the best products for our customers within their budget!

Solar with us | Why? What Reason? How will you be benefitted?

Excellent return on investment

By Solarizing your home or business premise with us, you are ensuring a great return and securing your future by cutting your electricity bills upto 70% a year! That is why our moto is "Solarize now and moralize your future!." Our services will ensure you get the best reward.

Almost Zero Investment

Considering the rebates you get from the government and the overall reduction of your electricity bills per year, you are actually getting the best package on earth with only few dollars of investment!




Best Consultation

Our customers are our first priority, so after you getting in touch with us, our specialist will be at your door and will evaluate your system carefully and provide you the best recommendation. YES! they will also tell you how much you will be benefitted with solar and whether it will be a good idea for you to go solar!

Act Now Save Nature

Considering the increasing amount of carbon in air, we human are the best enemy of nature! If we do not stand together now, then our next generations will never forgive us for this! We are bringing you the opportunity to contribute to the environment with the least possible expenses.

Sleep at Comfort

We ensure you the best solar packages which will definitely reduce your electricity bills and thus will be helping you to have a huge saving. We provide free inspection reports for the first three months and then we will be just a call away from you.

Refer your friend get your bonus

We do not only aim to serve our clients but also we aim to provide our exceptional services to the friends, neighbours and kins of our clients. Therefore, we provide an instant compliment each reference.


You Save We achieve

We ensure you the best savings you can get. Installing solar allows you to gain loyalty to your community. If you are a business owner, and you are installing solar to your business premise, then it will definitely help you to reach a respecting level to your customers! 

Get Finance, spend zero dollar

We can also arrange you to get finance to install your solar. Our best finance provider will help you to get your solar with zero dollar cost.